Hiace Van

Hiace Van Rental Service

We provide Hiace Van rental service from Kathmandu to all major destinations in Nepal. Hi-ace van is a popular medium size vehicle in Nepal. It has been used as a public vehicle as well as a tourist vehicle. The van is a 14 seater vehicle, a product of Toyota company. It’s comfortable for 12 people and adjustable up to 14 with minimum luggage. Baggage carrier also available At the rooftop.

It has a sliding door for back seats and two doors each in front for a driver and a front passenger. Guest can choose the A/C service which is an optional. Many different branded company has manufactured similar van. Toyota and Nissan’s vans are in our markets. We mostly use the Toyota Hi-ace Van. A drive will be at your service during the whole trip.

Hiace Van Rental Service
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