This Bungee jump in Nepal may be the most spectacular bungee jump on the planet. This remarkable 500 ft (160 m) drop into the Bhote koshi river gorge on Nepal, is one of the longest free fall in the world.

The popular place is at the Last resort to experience the bungee jump in Nepal

Nepal, a wonderland which offers different types of extreme adventures, is visited by thousands of people every year. The hunger for adventure drives people to one of the most thrilling lifetime adventure, Bungee jump in Nepal. The ultimate thrill of bungee jumping is offered at one of the best sites of the world. Nepal’s Bungy jumping site is situated at 160 meters over the raging Bhote Koshi River. Which is in the northern part from Kathmandu and another is at Kaski, Hemja village above the Yamdi River in western part of the country. These days Bungy is attracting youths which show the popularity of this sports.