Chitwan national park is the famous place for the jungle safari in Nepal. Jungle safari is one of the listed natural adventure activity in Nepal. Nepal government makes plans for the systematic way of running for it. We know Nepal is popular with a full of natural and cultural, forests, temples, etc and it’s main economic way is tourism. Jungle safari is one of the most interesting natural tour which could attracts anyone’s eyes. Many tourists and local visitors are crazy about it.

Nepal is also known as the biggest location of forest in the world. The maximum part of Nepal land covered by the dark and deep forest. This type of forest give a birth of Jungle Safari in Nepal. We have found different kinds of forests in Nepal. Some are large size and some small sizes forests are available.

Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park are the popular parks for Jungle Safari in Nepal.

We can reach directly from Kathmandu by taking a plan to Chitwan or also by the drive(5-6 hours) in scheduled tourist buses. Sauraha is the gateway place for the jungle safari at Chitwan National Park. Many resorts and hotels are available for tourist and the visitors for their stay. Hotels and resorts are providing a quality of services on full board package. which includes the hotel accommodation, all meals and activities cost as per their duration of stay.

Elephant back jungle safari, Jeep Safari, Cannoe Ride at Rapti river and Elephant breeding center are some activity which are popular over there. Beside this Tharu cultural program, village tour, nature walk and bird watching are popular. Bird watching and the several museums are also could be your next point to visit at Sauraha. Tharu communities are the native people of Chitwan. All peoples get lots of enjoyment during their short stay at Chitwan.

Additionally there are some other national parks where people can experience the Jungle safari in Nepal. Bardiya national park and Shukla Phanta wildlife reserve are some of them.  

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