Wouldn’t you like to pedal push your way through waterfalls, ups and downs, treacherous slopes and amidst centuries old monasteries and rice granaries? Well, that’s mountain biking in Nepal in a nutshell for you.On one hand you will have to cycle through lush forests and culturally heterogeneous communities while on the other hand, up the steep mountains and through cruel mountain rivers.

Mountain Biking in Nepal is being more popular these days among youth. Nepal consists of different types of landscapes varying from Rocky mountains to low plain lands of Terai which makes Nepal suitable for cycling. You can ride to the plains of Terai, hills of mountains and hilly areas. You can enjoy the natural scenarios, mountains, lakes, plains, hills, birds, different wildlife and landscapes. It is considered as one of the most amazing adventurous activities in Nepal.

USD70 / INR4000 / NPR5000