If you are traveling to Nepal and looking for some authentic Nepali restaurants in Kathmandu, then our blog could help you to find out some of them. Most of travelers loves to taste authentic local foods during their traveling time in that particular destination. It becomes important to taste the authentic and genesis meal along with the warmth of hospitality. 

Nepal is the culturally, geographically, linguistically and climatically diverse country along with the traditional selection of meal in different places. Traditionally influenced by the different cultural food fusions and thus establishing a unique set of flavors and culinary standard. Nepali cuisine is one of the distinctive meals-choice across the world. Here are our recommended restaurants to taste the authentic Nepali food inside the Kathmandu valley.

Bhojan Griha

Bhojangriha, established in an ancient architectural building in Dillibazzar, is one of the finest and the largest Restaurant in Kathmandu valley. It specializes in Newari cuisines and consists of different floors to cater the eating experience and dishes. The unique dining style in the standardized architecture is the best thing here and the service as well.


Wellness Organic Club

Apart from its organic food servings, it has the wonderful infrastructural setting and cultural performances as well. It is situated in Lazimpat, near Uttardhoka, Metropark. Its healthy eatery and the self-grown organic food contribution and the friendliest staffs make the wonderful combination of the entire experience. It offers varieties of meals and drinks along with the great service. The Nepali cuisine is also special offering here.

wellness organic club

Utsav Nepali Restaurant

Utsav Nepali restaurant is also a reputed and well established restaurant in Durbarmarg, Kathmandu. The restaurant has a dining hall with several private seating areas with a total capacity of 250 people. It offers varieties of Nepali, Newari, Indian and continental cuisine with traditional music and classical dancing. The events and conferences can be organized here in a managed settlement. 

It is a Nepali cuisine restaurant situated in Jyatha, Thamel. It offers the best Nepali cuisine and classic Indian dishes as well. The soothing atmosphere and the pleasant services and the Nepali meal are the best part here.

Malta Newari Restaurant

It is also a good place to eat Nepali food, situated in Lazimpat. It offers a wide range of Newari cuisines. The combination of Newari settlement and traditional Newari food is probably the best choice for everyone visiting the Kathmandu valley.

Malta Newari Kitchen

Nepali Chulo

It is also a good place to find the Nepali cuisine along with the cultural dance and shows. It is located in Lazimpat. One would never regret to taste Nepali traditional food here combined by its beautiful ambience, dining in Nepali traditional style in an astounding environment. Every evening guest is entertained by Nepali Traditional and cultural dance performance along with Nepali food and services. 

nepali chulo

Paalcha Newari Restaurant

Paalcha Newari restaurant, located in Jawalakhel Lalitpur, caters delicious Newari cuisine along with continental dishes. Its contemporary interior with semi indoor space and a great Newari cuisine along with the great services is the best thing here. For the unique Newari settlement and experience, this is also a best restaurant in the town.

Gokarna House and Restaurant

Gokarna house at Paknajol is one of the multi cuisine restaurant in Kathmandu. Situated in the bustling city center, the restaurant offers covered as well as open sitting areas with best hospitality, ambiance, entertainment and most importantly a sense stimulating food. For entertainment, the joint offers variety of folk dances from several corners of the mountains and Nepali musical instruments.

Yala Cafe Patan

Yala cafe is located in Patan, Lalitpur. This cafe restaurant is also an art gallery. It has a very nice ambience and friendly staff. This is also a great place to have a good Newari dining along with the beautiful arts of multiple platforms.

yala cafe patan

Paleti Bhanchha Ghar

It is located near J.P road, Thamel. It is a great place to spend quality time with family, friends and beloved ones along with the typical Nepali food. The special dishes of Paleti are Nepali Thali set, Nepali Faper/Kodo set, Nepali Faper/Kodo Roti set, Trout fish and Nepali Khaja set. 

Sasa Newari Restaurant, Kirtipur

This is the absolute gem for the food lovers, located in Kirtipur. It offers the authentic local cuisine. Having been the integral form of Newari settlement, it has an unpretentious Newari cuisine, including the astounding exotic local foods and drinks that people rarely get in other restaurants. It radiates the entire Newari-beauty with the indigenous delicacy, maintained by typical Newari households, friendly staffs and yes, yummy food!

Sasa Kirtipur

Karuwa Restaurant

Karuwa Restaurant, located in Jyatha Thamel, is one of the best restaurants resided in the heart of Kathmandu valley. It offers wide varieties of local cuisines, and many continental dishes as well. The restaurant is a wonderful place for gatherings, meetings, and every ‘good time’ purpose. It has friendly staffs, peaceful environment and awesome dining.