Searching about the best season to visit Nepal? We recommend you to visit in FEB to MAY or SEP to DEC as the perfect time to visit in Nepal. Traveling to different countries for many people is a dream which they intend to make it true. While a traveller is traveling, there are many things one should definitely check before leaving to other countries. Incase if you are planning to travel , the first thing you should know is when to travel. Basically if we go traveling without any preparations and not know about the climatic conditions there, we might get in trouble. If you are wondering to visit Nepal to enjoy your holidays, it is an ideal place with all the mild climatic features. You can travel to Nepal at any time of the year.

FEB to MAY and SEP to DEC is the best season to visit Nepal.

As Nepal is divided into three regions, each have their own unique climates. The Himalayan region is always cold, the hilly region is cold in winter and hot in summer and the Terai region, the lower land, is very hot in summer and cold and foggy in winter. If you are a trekker and are planning to go for trekking in the upper mountains and Himalayas, the best time to come to Nepal is on late September to early December. At this time of the year, you will see a clear view of the amazing mountain ranges, clear sky and clear view of everything that comes on the way. This time will be neither too cold nor too hot for traveling.

If you are someone who loves enjoying the nature, get interact with the amazing wild lives of Nepal, see the floras and faunas, the best time to visit here is on Spring season which starts from March and lasts till May.

You can go visit the wild life reserves and see animals give birth to their babies as this is the reproduction season as well. You also need to be prepared with the unconditional rainfalls that might hit you one the way.This season brings a second wave of visitors, though a haze gradually obscures the mountains from lower elevations towards the end of this period If you are a monsoon lover or a Pluviophile, you must surely visit Nepal during Monsoon season which starts from mid June and lasts till September. The weather is hot and wet at times.

It rains almost everyday with occasional thunderstorms in the evening. The rain spreads the pleasantness around with lush green vegetation. After the rainfall, the environment looks very pleasant and beautiful. The rain washes every dirt, dust and you can imagine how beautiful the sight is. But there are also drawbacks: mountain views are rare, leeches come out in force along the mid-elevation trekking routes, roads and paths may be blocked by landslides, and flights may be cancelled.

For winter lovers JAN and FEB would be best time to visit Nepal.

Apart from these seasons, you can visit Nepal at any time of the year. Autumn, which starts on mid September and lasts till November, is considered as the main tourists peak season. The weather is highly pleasant and the mountain view looks amazing. This is the peak season for trekking as mountain views are guaranteed so better book your flight in advance. This is also the season of festivities as Nepal celebrates the biggest Hindu festivals Dashain followed by Tihar. But you need to pre book your hotels before coming at this time because it might be hard for you to get one here as the hotels are over reserved by the tourists who are already here for their holidays. If you are considering to visit Nepal around January and February, make sure you bring your warm clothes.

All the regions at this time go through extreme cold weather. And it is better to avoid your trekking plans at this time because you might go through extreme snowfalls and fogs and might not get a clear view of the Himalayas and the scenario. Be prepared to face the mild as well as extreme harsh climate when you are here. If you consider when to travel, make sure you are fully prepared. Nepal is an amazing country, leaving hints on every trails and we are sure that you will have an amazing adventurous experience when you are here. Happy Staying in Nepal !!