People who are looking to visit Chitwan National Park, might be curious about when is the best time to visit Chitwan National Park. A perfect time visit can provide them a value of money to visit.

Chitwan national park is the first protected area of Nepal. Which was founded in 1959 in the name of the Mahendra Deer Park. Now the parks cover 932 Sq Km of the inner Terai of Chitwan, Makawanpur, Parsa and Nawalparasi districts. The pack has been listed as World Heritage Site in 1984 by UNESCO for its unique biological resources of outstanding universal value. The park is bounded by the Rapti and Narayani River in the north, Parsa Wildlife Reserve in the east and Madi settlements and India border in the south. The pack is located 200 km south-west from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

April and November is the best time to visit Chitwan National Park

Chitwan national park offers several wildlife activities and things to do for its visitors. It has become one of the major tourist destinations among the local and foreign visitors. Here we are talking about the best season to visit Chitwan national park at the base of the weather condition and rainfall. Despite this we have analyzed the flow of visitors throughout the year.

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The perfect season to visit Chitwan

March, April, October and November are the perfect season to visit Chitwan national park for the visitors. People will find a cool weather as well and monsoon free time in Chitwan. The climate record says maximum 1 cm rainfall at that time period. At these months the temperature also goes minimum 12 and maximum 32 degree Celsius. The open blue sky, clear water flow in the river and beautiful sunset view from the river bank will make a memorable trip for you in Chitwan National Park. Most of the animals are seen outside of the jungle while your jungle safari time, due to the cool weather.

The best season to visit Chitwan

January, May, June and December are the best time to visit Chitwan National Park. In January and December people will feel a little cold and foggy weather in Chitwan. But in May and June the weather will be opposite, hot and sunny. The climate record of January and December says the minimum temperature of 6 and maximum 23 degree Celsius. In May and June the temperature goes maximum up to 40 and stay minimum 25 degree Celsius. People might get experience of little rainfall in May and June due to the pre monsoon time in Nepal.

The less season, which you may avoid

February, July, August and September are those months, which people want to avoid visiting Chitwan. The cold days of February and heavy rainfall of rest, three months might affect your visit in Chitwan National Park. As per the weather record February is the coldest months with minimum temperature of 4 degrees Celsius and maximum 16 degree Celsius. Though temperature might warm in July, August and September the rainfall, stay around 50 cm in average. At that time you mightn’t view animals during your jungle safari in Chitwan national park.

Yearly Weather Chart of Chitwan, Besr Time to Visit Chitwan

The weather might be an issue, but available indoor and outdoor activities will entertain your visit to Chitwan National Park.