Our article about the best time to visit Kathmandu might be a helpful read for your travel arrangement to the capital of Nepal. Most of all travelers, they first look about when could be the best time/season to visit their planned destination.

Summer and Autumn are the best time to visit Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. It’s also the capital of culture and heritage in Nepal. One can explore 7 UNESCO listed world heritage sites within the 30 KM distance. Beside these several cultural and historical sites will make your worthy trip to Kathmandu. Kathmandu also offers you a short 2-3 day treks around the Shivapuri national park. Now we are going to talk about 4 different seasons based on weather conditions of Kathmandu valley. So you can decide which could be yours best time to visit Kathmandu.

Winter (December, January and February)

One who loves the winter can visit during this time to Kathmandu. The temperature goes down to -3 degree Celsius during the winter’s night in Nepal. But in the day time it could rise up to 18 degree Celsius. At the same time people can experience the snowfall at the nearest hilltop around Kathmandu. Chandragiri, Phulchoki, Daman and Nagarkot are the closest hills area and snowfall places near Kathmandu. Camping, day hiking and mountain biking are the preferable things to do during the winter time in Kathmandu. You can experience the Maghe Sakranti and Losar festival celebration in Kathmandu.

Chandragiri Hills Snowfalls

Summer (March, April and May)

From the beginning of the March temperature rise to welcome the summer in Nepal. The minimum temperature could be around 8-15 and maximum temperature goes up to 30 degree Celsius. Visitors can see the mountains from the Kathmandu valley. A day hiking to the nearest hills would be awesome to take the photos of mountain ranges like Langtang to Everest. Sky looks blue, and cloudless. At this time local school holidays also falls, so you can meet and play with local children in their locality. Some of the major festivals like Maha Shivaratri and Holi falls during the summer time in Nepal. It is one of the best weather season time to visit Kathmandu.


Monsoon (June, July and August)

From the beginning of the monsoon, farmers start their rice plantation around Kathmandu valley too. During these 3 months there could be rainfall anytime in Kathmandu. During the monsoon time the temperature rises up to 32 degrees Celsius and minimum could be around 20 degrees Celsius. People can wander around and meet the farmers on the outskirts of Kathmandu. One can watch the rice plantation which is a very beautiful thing to do. People can also stay somewhere in the open rooftop restaurant and enjoy the Nepalese coffee during the rainy time.

asar-15-in-nepal-rainfall-best-season-to-visit-in-nepal, best season to visit nepal

Autumn (September, October and November)

Autumn is another best time to visit in Kathmandu as well as in Nepal. One can feel a coolest weather condition, festive mood and busy Nepalese people. Thousands of tourist visit for trekking and mountaineering in Nepal. The maximum and minimum temperature almost similar during these 3 months. The maximum could be 25 and minimum around 18 degree Celsius. All available activities can be done during this season. Dasain and Tihar festivals fall during the Autumn. At this time you can see the white mountains and blue sky from the valley.

Dashain Festival, Dashain Festival in Nepal