Lumbini, also known as the birth place of Gautam Buddha, lies in the southern plains of Nepal. Listed as one of the world heritage sites of Nepal, this religious site is visited by thousands of people from all around the world. Generally, there is no time such as best to visit this wonderful place. If you are a huge peace fanatic or if you want about how Buddhism started, you can visit Lumbini anytime of the year. But if are a traveler who just not want to know about the place but the traditions around Lumbini as well, then April – May and October – December is the best time to visit Lumbini.

Autumn is the best time to visit Lumbini.

Since, Lumbini lies in the southern plains, the temperature is very high and it is very hot in summer. April and May are considered the hottest months of the season. The temperature reaches up to 40 degree Celsius. If you visit Lumbini around March or July, then the temperature will be just right. The climate will be moderate. It will be neither too hot nor too cold. You will get to see the people of the lowlands and how they live. If lucky, you will also get to see the rare animals or plants during this time.

Best time to visit Lumbini

October to December is also the perfect time to visit Lumbini. Since, lots of festivals happen this time and the weather is also favorable, you will enjoy your trip more here. The sky is clear during this time and you will also get to experience the perfect sunset from Terai. If you are an avid traveler, you should bring light jackets, shorts and keep a lot of water with you. Since it’s hot all around the year except winter, you may feel a bit dehydrated.

Buddhist pilgrims visit Lumbini throughout the year. 

The worst time to visit Lumbini is from January to March. These months are considered as the frost season. This is the coldest time of the year and the environment will all be foggy and you’ll have to deal with cold waves. The temperature drops down to 2 degrees Celsius and it may be difficult for you if you aren’t used to cold. But you’ll get to see yellow mustard field everywhere which will make your journey less cold and boring. April and May are the rainy months in Nepal. Maximum 100 mm of rainfall falls on Lumbini during this time. You may have to get drenched in the rain and also have to deal with floods in major places. You may also have to be aware of snake bite during this season. Nevertheless, you can visit Lumbini anytime if you are really eager.