shopping in nepal

Shopping in Nepal

Shopping in Nepal is a popular activity to buy traditional clothing and thangkas. There are a lot of places for shopping in Nepal. However, some of the popular places for shopping in Kathmandu are Thamel, Durbar marg, places around Durbar Squares, New road, Bhotahity etc. Also, Shopping in Pokhara is equally important to get souvenirs […]

Honey Hunting in Nepal

Honey Hunting in Nepal

Nepal is a popular place for honey hunting. Various types of honeybees, geographical locations made it a popular place for honey hunting. Honey hunting in Nepal is one of the amazing activities to do. Honey hunting is the gathering of honey from wild bee communities and is one of the most ancient human activities and […]

garden of dreams, garden of dreams kathmandu

Garden of Dreams Kathmandu

Situated amid Kathmandu valley, Garden of dreams Kathmandu is a neoclassic historical garden of Nepal. The garden of dreams is a popular spot for touring around, coffee and some quality time. This complex garden structure in the heart of Kathmandu is a popular spot for Youngsters and tourists. The area encompasses Verandas, pavilions, amphitheater, ponds, […]

national dress of nepal

National Dress of Nepal

Nepal is a country with lots of cultural spectrums. The outfit differs according to the ethnicity and values in Nepal. However, the national dress of Nepal is Daura Suruwal and Gunyu Cholo. Daura Suruwal is worn by Nepalese men and Gunyu Cholo is worn by women in Nepal. Daura Suruwal is declared as the national […]

paragliding cost in nepal

Paragliding Cost in Nepal

If you are interesting for the paragliding adventure, you may be curious about the paragliding cost in Nepal. Paragliding cost in Nepal is low compared to other offering countries. Nepalese companies offer a longer duration of Paragliding. There are a number of companies offering the Paragliding services in Nepal, most popularly in Pokhara. Depending upon […]

trekking passes in Nepal

High Trekking Passes in Nepal

Nepal is a trekking paradise with some of the well know trekking passes in Nepal. The natural attractions and heritages in Nepal attract a lots of people every year. The stunning vistas, landscapes and wonderful sceneries along with the adventure made Nepal a popular destination. Nepal has always been a popular destination for Trekking. The […]