Are you looking for a night camping around Kathmandu valley? A perfect spot which helps you to pass a night on your own way? Or you are looking for a night camping refreshment place around Kathmandu valley? Here we suggest 8 places around Kathmandu valley which could be your next night camping destination around Kathmandu. It could help you to choose a best overnight camping spot and enjoy a memorable moments over there. 

Balthali village – Balthali village 32 km from Kathmandu sits on the plateau with rice terraced fields, glimpse of snowy Himalayas, rural hamlets, green forests, Buddhist temples. There are resorts in Balthali which offers a variety of options for a camping. And on the next day you could hike up to Namo Buddha.


Lele village – Lele is a peaceful and beautiful valley which is just 21 km away from the bustle of Kathmandu and it is untouched by the cityscape. Farmland hills and the Langtang mountain range are the major attraction here. You can find the home stay, resorts and small teahouses here for camping. During summer camping with tents would be more adventurous.  


Kakani village– Kakani village which lies at 2073 M above sea level is a popular village around Kathmandu Valley. An hour Scenic drive north of Kathmandu, the Kakani village is an ideal site to explore and discover Nepalese village culture. Oak, rhododendron, pine forest, trout fish farm, Bird watching, Himalayan view are the major attraction here. You can find the home stay, resorts and small tea houses here for your overnight stay.


Lapsiphedi– Lapsiphedi is a village/hill station near Kathmandu valley. It is the least known hill station for panoramic view of sunrise, sunset, Langtang mountain range and Kathmandu valley. A village serves the typical Tamang culture during homestay. During his/her visit one can enjoy the typical Nepali Tamang culture and panoramic views of Nepal.


Chitlang – Markhu village – Chitlang and Markhu are the neighboring villages connected by the common road. These villages are situated at the different part of Kathmandu valley separated by the highest hill of Kathmandu valley, Chandragiri. There’s a good facility of accommodation and food in both of these places. The next day after the camping one can enjoy the attractions of these places as there are, Organic village, boating at hydropower water reservoir and cycling.


Nagarkot – Nagarkot is a hill station situated at 32km from Kathmandu valley. Nagarkot has a reputation as the top spot for enjoying Himalayan views, sunrise and sunset. Camping around the traditional village of Bhaktapur can be lifetime adventure. You can find the star hotels, home stay, resorts and small teahouses here for camping.


Gurjebhanjyang – Suryachaur– This is the unexplored destination for camping around Kathmandu valley. It lies at the edge of Nuwakot district and gives the pleasant view of both Kathmandu valley and Nuwakot district. Camping on the tent is only the option here as you don’t find a better homestay or resort for stay. View of Langtang range can be clearly seen at the morning and autumn is the best time to camp here.


Shivapuri National park – This national park covers almost every hills of Kathmandu valley and is protected area. You can find the cottage house here that can provide you the good accommodation and also camping thyself in the tent is another good option.  Cycling throughout the day and camping at the night could be the memorable adventure.