Are you excited to know about some preferable camping places around Pokhara? If you are a camping lover, then these places are the best places for your overnight camping around Pokhara valley.

We have listed 5 major camping places around Pokhara for your next visit. 

Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home to spend time in more natural places. People spent the night in a shelter, such as a tent or local houses. The camping may be combined with hiking, as in backpacking, fishing, and hunting. Fire camping is the popular during the winter season. The visiting seasons and available activities divides the categories and type of camping. Due to the houses and lodges availability and people’s interest, these days, tents are rare to find while going for camping.

Dhampus Village Trek, Dhampus Village, Nepal Hiking Tour Package, camping places around pokhara

Pokhara is situated 200 KM west from Kathmandu. The tourist city grabs almost two third numbers of tourists from abroad to Nepal. Visitors spent a short stay to long vacation in Pokhara. Natural beauty, clean climate, less city’s hustle bustle life and several available activities attract people to stay for a long duration in Pokhara. Several places around Pokhara offer you an overnight camping and village stay. Here we are talking some major camping places those could be your next overnight camping places around Pokhara during your visit: 

Dhampus village or Australian camp

Dhampus village is just 25 KM far away from Pokhara, situated at the hilltop at the height of 1650 meters. One can get the coolest environment during the warm summer in Dhampus village.  A village with the majority people of the Gurung community offers you various choices of accommodation and activities for your overnight camping. People can do a day hiking from Phedi to the village. Sunrise view through the Annapurna mountain range is a memorable moment which one can experience from the hill top. Australian camp (2060 M) is the best hilltop point for the overnight. Fire Camp, Village tour and local foods are the other attraction in Dhampus. Home stays, local lodges and semi luxurious resorts are available in Dhampus. 

Australian Camp, Camping Places Around Pokhara

Image Source: Highland Expeditions

Begnas lake and Rupakot village

Begnas lake is located in the south-east part of Pokhara valley, about 16 KM distance from the city area. Various resorts, lodges and home stays are available at the other end of Begnas lake. Majhikuna is one of the popular point for people to experience the overnight camping. Rupakot is also situated on the way to Majhikuna, at the hilltop. One can experience the boating, fishing, hiking and mountain biking at Begnas and Rupakot. Some of the resorts are offering Eco tourism, Sustainable tourism and Agro tourism with organic local foods. This is a good place to do yoga and the meditation. 

Majhikuna Begnas

Nirmal Pokhari Village

Nirmal Pokhari village is situated about 10 KM south of Pokhara, best known for its production of oranges. It’s a good choice for the visitors who are seeking an escape to experience day-to-day farming and community life in Nepal. Some local lodges and home stays are available for your night stay. Hiking is also the good things to do.  

Sikles Village

Sikles is one of the Gurung village which is running village tourism near Pokhara. The village is a second largest Gurung village in Nepal. It’s also a popular place to escape for overnight stays for typical cultural experience in the Annapurna Region. One can reach their by a public bus ride or private vehicle. A three day trek is also available for the trek/hike lovers. The majestic view of the Annapurna mountain range from an elevation of 2000 meters would be the reason to visit in Skiles. The village offers home stays and fire camp on request for the visitors. Local culture, people, tradition and festivals are the other reason to visit once in this village. Sikles is one of our recommended camping places around Pokhara.

Sikles Village


Naudada is about 20 KM far away from Pokhara. One can reach by a bus ride or hike through Sarangkot. People can explore the 360 degree view around Pokhara valley from Naudanda. It’s a place to view sunrise, sunset, landscapes, the city and mountains from one point. Some local lodges and hotels are available for your overnight stay. They do offer you fire camp and local foods.