live music restaurants in Pokhara

Live Music Restaurants in Pokhara

Find out the best live music restaurants in Pokhara for the night hangout during your trip to there. Pokhara is a most popular leisure tourist hub of Nepal. The natural attractions and beautiful scenery of Pokhara valley made it a popular destination. It is also popular for its immensely decorated wonderful nightlife and live music […]

Tiji Festival, Mustang Tiji Festival

Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang

Tiji festival is celebrated by the people of Upper Mustang. Upper Mustang, also known as Lo Manthang is Nepal’s hidden beauty and only forbidden Kingdom of Nepal. Lo Manthang was the kingdom of Lo. Centuries before, Lo Manthang acted as the autonomous region of Nepal. However, the shah king of Nepal forged it into Nepal. […]

Seto Machhindranath Jatra

Seto Machhindranath Jatra

Seto Machhindranath Jatra is one of the biggest chariot festivals celebrated inside Kathmandu valley. It is a three-day long chariot procession honoring the god of rain, which in local language. The festival is also known as Jana Bāhā Dyah Jātrā. The chariot of Seto Machindranath is pulled from place to place during these three days. […]

Tamu Losar Festival Celebration in Nepal, Tamu Losar, Tamu Losar Festival

Tamu Losar Festival

Tamu Losar is celebrated by the Gurung communities of Nepal. Lho means age and Sar means New or fresh. Losar is celebrated for 15 days. The main celebration of Losar is on the first three days. Gurungs divide time into cycles of 12 years (lohokor), to each year of which a special name is given, […]

Christmas Festival in Nepal, Christmas in Nepal, Christmas Festival

Christmas Festival in Nepal

Christmas festival, which falls on the month of December, is one of the most amazing festivals of the world. Unlike other Nepalese festivals, Christmas is also celebrated by most of the people in Nepal. Since Nepal is a secular state, people here celebrate every festival with prosperity and contentment. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus […]

Chhath Festival in Nepal

Chhath Festival

The Hindus among Maithili regions of Nepal and India celebrate Chhath festival, which is also known as Surya Shasti. The Sun, considered as the god of energy and of the life force, is worshiped during the Chhath festival to promote well-being, prosperity and progress. In Hinduism, Sun worship is believed to help cure a variety of […]