Chitlang village is becoming a popular overnight hiking destination among hiking lovers. This well known hike spot offers amazing landscapes, agriculture farms, green environment with the diversity of ethnic culture. The village is approx. 27 KM far from Kathmandu city in Makawanpur district. Visitors can reach there by a 4-5 hours hike from Thankot.

Chitlang village is known by various names like Chitrapur, Sudhapur, Kolapur and Hastinapur. The people of Chitlang do goat farming and produce different kinds of dairy products from goat’s milk. Goat cheese is the popular dairy product of Chitlang village. Being an organic village, they also do farming and produce organic vegetables. Ashok Chaitya, Satdhara, Shikhardham and Vairab Temple are the religious place to see in this village. Mesmerizing apple and pear garden, Saatdhara taps, green Bhedafarm are the places that should not be missed. The different caste communities, including Newar, Tamang, Magar, Chhetri, Gurung and Brahmin live in this village. Quality resorts and local lodges are available with good food, comfortable bedding and clean toilet facilities for the visitor’s stay.

Chitlang village is famous for overnight camping and hiking from Kathmandu.

Chitlang is a worthful destination for adventure seekers. Overnight hiking, mountain biking and fire camping are the adventure activities to do in Chitlang. Additionally, bird watching, fishing, Homestay experience and local foods are the things to explore. Educational tour to Chitlang is also good for students to know the social culture and farming ways from the village life.

Markhu is the another attractive village which is just 6 KM far from Chitlang. You could enjoy a short hiking from Chitlang to Markhu through the green forest. Markhu is a stunning village filled with scenic beauty. Visitors can enjoy the fishing and boating in Indrasarobar Lake, known as Kulekhani (The largest man-made lake in between Chitlang and Markhu) located in this village.