Christmas festival, which falls on the month of December, is one of the most amazing festivals of the world. Unlike other Nepalese festivals, Christmas is also celebrated by most of the people in Nepal. Since Nepal is a secular state, people here celebrate every festival with prosperity and contentment. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. Since a few percentage of the population here are Christians, we get a public holiday in Nepal to celebrate this festival.Christmas is celebrated by every people in Nepal happily. This festival unifies both Christians and Non Christians people.

Large number of Hindu and Buddhist Nepalese followers also celebrate Christmas festival in Nepal.

Christmas Festival in Nepal

Both Christians and Non-Christians celebrate this festival in Nepal. This festival has given us a platform for getting together with friends and families. People go to church and sing different carols. They go out for a picnic and celebrate this day merrily. Whereas people from Non-Christian community gathers, go for picnics or different places to hang out. They meet in restaurants, eat or drink to celebrate it. Nowadays, many restaurants and hotels organize different events on this day. They organize concerts and dance parties. In major cities like Pokhara, Dharan and Kathmandu, street festivals are organized. People from all around the world attend these festivals. Restaurants sell awesome delicacies, people eat and dance on the street and they celebrate this festival cheerfully.

The Government announces a public holiday on the day of Christmas festival.

Christmas has given a good opportunity for different restaurants to nurture in Nepal. The popularity of this festival is growing every day. People go for live music and concerts. In Pokhara and Kathmandu, most of the restaurants are crowded during this time. Despite being a Non-Nepalese festival, people celebrate it jollily. So, if you are planning to visit Nepal during Christmas or December, you will get the splendid opportunity to observe this festival in a greater Nepali way. We are sure you will not regret it. Merry Christmas!