Nepal is a trekking paradise with some of the well know trekking passes in Nepal. The natural attractions and heritages in Nepal attract a lots of people every year. The stunning vistas, landscapes and wonderful sceneries along with the adventure made Nepal a popular destination. Nepal has always been a popular destination for Trekking. The high altitude trekking in Nepal is world-renowned as the best trekking destination. Explore Nepal’s finest trekking trails and see the wonderful fusion of Culture, Himalayas and rural lifestyle in Nepal.

Mountain trekking passes in Nepal are the gateway to the camps. Conquering the mountain passes signifies the glory of high altitude trekking. The dramatic passes and amazing topography of Nepalese terrains make passes an essential part of adventurous trekking. There are so many trekking passes in Nepal.

Some of the popular high trekking passes of Nepal are enlisted here:

Thorong La Pass

Thorong La pass is one of the most popular trekking passes in Nepal. Also known as the gateway to Annapurna, this pass is world popular for its spectacular beauty and astounding scenery. It is located at an elevation of 5416 m above sea level. Lies in the north of mighty Annapurna, this pass is highly revered for its amazing beauty. This pass connects Manang district in the east and Muktinath and Mustang region in the west. It is the highest point in the Annapurna circuit.

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Cho La Pass

Cho la pass is the adventurous pass lies in the SoluKhumbu district of  Everest region. It lies at 5420 m above sea level in the northeastern part of Nepal. Cho la pass continues to Gokyo Lake in the west whereas east trail joins the Everest Base Camp. The pass is however physically demanding and may require some crampons.

Cho la pass divides the trail to Everest region and Gokyo lake. In the Everest part, the snowy and rocky formations are challenging. The western part of Cho la pass follows the green grasslands somewhere and Ngozumpa glacier on the way. The snow can obscure the trail during trekking in this region. It is best advised to have a guide along to ensure safety. This pass is often considered to be dangerous. The terrain is made of loose rocks, ice and large boulders. The awe-inspiring landscapes and astounding views of Himalayan peaks are a major attraction here. It itself lies in the Himalayan terrain and has assorted natural beauty. Immensely adventurous Cho la pass is popular for its picturesque beauty and the Himalayan views. Also, the snowy, rocky, challenging yet adventurous this pass is one of the major attractions of this region.

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Cho la pass crossing is the major challenge. It is best if crossed during the morning time. Getting up early by 4 AM and pass it before 10 AM is the best option to cross Cho la pass. During the early noon, the wind makes it difficult to cross the pass. And it is good to hire a guide to cross the pass as it might turn out to be difficult and dangerous in the Upper Himalayan region of Nepal.

Larke La Pass

Situated at an altitude of 5200 m, this past lies in the Manaslu region of Nepal. This pass is one of the most beautiful passes in the trekking zone in the Himalayas of Nepal. This pass is also the highest point on the Manaslu circuit. Not much challenging but have huge beautiful attributes, this pass is popular for trekking in Manaslu region. The trail leading to Larke la pass starts from Gorkha, Arughat. With the spectacular mountainous beauty and diverse cultural experiences, this pass offers amazing experiences.

Renjo La Pass

Renjo la pass is another popular pass in Everest region. It lies at an altitude of 5435 m above sea level. This pass is adventurous pass with some obstacles in the Everest region. The alpine glacial views and snowy trails are the exciting part of this pass. This pass of one of three major passes in the Everest region.

Kongma La Pass

It is one of the less-visited, adventurous and less crowded trail of Nepal. It lies above Khumbu glacier opposite to Lobuche in Everest region. This pass also offers wonderful Himalayan views and snowy experiences in the Himalayas. The views of Lobuche, charming Khumbu glacier, and enduring natural beauty make this pass a wonderful landmark in the Everest region.

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Kang La Pass

It is a popular high pass in the Dolpo region. Situated at 5100 m above sea level, this pass lies between Shey Phoksundo Lake and Shey Gompa. The magnificent views of the Dolpo region and distinct culture along with the astounding Himalayan views are the major attractions of this region. The deep deserted valleys and Himalayan peaks can be seen from this pass. Also, the scenery and magnificent views of the Annapurna region can be seen.

Saldang La Pass

Saldang la pass lies in the Upper Dolpo region. It is lies at an altitude of 5200 m above sea level. The breathtaking views of Dhaulagiri and Kanjirowa Himal can be seen from this pass. The pristine Tibetan culture and traditions, pristine wilderness and Himalayan views are the main attractions of this region.

Jeng La Pass

Jeng la pass also lies in the Upper Dolpo region. It lies at an altitude of 5090 m above sea level. It is also the major pass in Dolpo region. The unexplored, pristine and full of natural beauty in this region offers the most wonderful experiences. Trekking in the upper Dolpo region also comes with a privilege to see the natural beauty of this region with amazing trails and passes.

Kang La Pass (Nar Phu)

This pass lies in Narphu Valley. This pristine valley offers wonderful cultural experiences and unspoiled natural beauty. Kang la pass lies at an altitude of 5320 m above sea level. The culture and natural beauty are certainly the major attractions of this place. The panoramic views of Himlung Himal.

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Ganja La Pass

Ganja la pass is one of the most challenging passes in Langtang region. Situated at an altitude of 5132 m., this trail offers the splendid beauty and Himalayan views along with the diverse cultural experiences in Langtang region. Also, the spectacular views of Langtang Lirung, Ganesh Himal, Naya Kang, Ganchempo and Yala peak can be seen from Ganja La pass.