If you are interesting for the paragliding adventure, you may be curious about the paragliding cost in Nepal. Paragliding cost in Nepal is low compared to other offering countries. Nepalese companies offer a longer duration of Paragliding. There are a number of companies offering the Paragliding services in Nepal, most popularly in Pokhara. Depending upon the area you’re doing the adventure, cost will be different.

Pokhara is the most popular destination for paragliding in Nepal, beside that, Kathmandu, Bandipur and Sindhupalchok are the other options. The cost of Paragliding depends on the season and off-season. During the monsoon and winter time you can get some discount in the general rate. The service providers are also offer you the photography and videography services during the activity time.

Paragliding in Nepal

Nepal is the home of adventure sports. Paragliding is one of them and most popular adventure among the youngsters and every adventure enthusiasts. Travelers can also choose the duration of flight on their desire. With the duration of the flight, the cost of paragliding is determined.

paragliding in Pokhara

Pokhara is the most popular destination with the majestic views of Annapurna Himalayas, aerial view of the City and Phewa lake. The beautiful flight over the cityscape and lake provides a lifetime experience. Paragliding companies also offer different side adventures such as stunts and thrills during the flying time. But pilots do charge some additional amount for those stunts.

Paragliding Cost in Pokhara

Pokhara is a popular adventure hub offering many adventurous activities. Paragliding cost differs according to nationality as well.  The cost of the Nepalese is cheaper than the foreigners one. The paragliding with the given cost is inclusive of photos and videos. The detailed cost information is shown in the table below. 

Cost (For 25 min.)NPR 8000NPR 10,000NPR 10,000
Cost (For 1 hour)NPR 12000NPR 15000NPR 15000

Paragliding Cost in Kathmandu

Paragliding in Kathmandu is operated by Katmandu paragliding at the Godavari. It offers the Paragliding adventure with spectacular mountain views and natural sceneries, situated nearby central Kathmandu. The cost differs according to nationality. The cost of a Nepali citizen is slightly cheaper than that of foreigners. Whereas SAARC nationals and Chinese get a little privilege to get a little cheaper cost. The paragliding with the given cost is inclusive of photos and videos. The detailed cost information is shown in the table below.

Cost (For 15-30 min.)NPR 6500NPR 10,000NPR 11,300