Thinking of going for Pokhara holiday trip and squeeze it in your weekend. I say you are not wrong. But most people will say it’s not enough time to do or see anything but you always have a little time and space for anything.

Pokhara is not just for adventure loving people looking for extreme sports like paragliding and ziplining. It can also be a place to simply calm your mind and find something different every time you visit it. First of all- how to get to Pokhara? There are buses running from Kathmandu for Rs. 600-800 everyday and if you want to reach there, faster fly away effortlessly for Rs.8000-10000. For accommodation you can find fairly good hotels for Rs.600-800 a night. There are many hotels located centrally, clean and cheap for your weekend trip.

Hike to the Peace Pagoda through Fewa Lake

Wake up early and have tea and fresh bread in the café nearby. Next make a beeline for Phewa Lake to hire a boat to take you to the shore beneath the peace pagoda. The trail will take you around 45 minutes to climb and come arranged for a climb. If you manage to get there on time you will get to see beautiful sunrise. When you head down low take a boat to take you around the lake and visit the Barahi temple amidst the lake.

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On returning, stroll down the lake side and take as much time necessary to see the shops of neighborhood. You will cherish shopping in Pokhara and get to discover handiworks, craftsmanship and everything in between with its charming and quiet involvement.

Try lunch in local delicacies and enjoy the meal though there are many hotels offering you varying cuisines. Although you are on a limited time, zip lining and bungee jumping are the two adventures that you can fit nicely if you are and adventurous person.

Sunrise view from the Sarangkot hill top

You wouldn’t want to miss spectacular sunrises over the magnificent Annapurna panorama in pokhara from every angle possible. So go and enjoy it in Sarangkot. Hire a vehicle of your choice to cover 10km distance from lakeside. After sunrise think about enjoying the view from air. Unquestionably you can’t miss exhilarating and staggering paragliding event in Pokhara and it cost around NRs. 15000-20000.

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After your exhilarating flight, head to the nearby restaurant in lakeside for lunch. Enjoy the afternoon relaxing or you can hike or rent a bike to get to Davis Falls and enigmatic caves nearby enjoying the afternoon observing the life going by.

A full-day around Lakeside

After Nature and adventure, you can enjoy casual stroll in Old bazaar a stark contrast to lakeside Pokhara. Colorful gathering of traders, architecture and temples you will enjoy hustling of bazaar from the bustling lakeside. A visit to museum can give you idea of history and mountains. You can unwind and appreciate the peaceful feeling as you read your most loved book or essentially respect the wonderful encompassing. A good book in hand and a warm coffee in other never get old.

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Nights in Pokhara are never boring. You can pop by the bars for a drink or two and eat dinner and enjoy the live music performances or dance the night away for you will have to return the next.

There are tons of things to do in Pokhara, adventures to relaxing in tranquility; it can be a great place to get away from your monotonous life for a while. So go and enjoy the place close to the nature and surely closer to heart. Pokhara welcomes you with open arms. 

**A holiday experience of Bhaskar Shrestha**