White water rafting in Nepal is a popular adventure activity which attracts so many visitors around the world, here are the details of best rafting rivers. The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is renowned as one of the most adventurous and exciting places in the world for outdoor activities. High snow capped mountains and peaks for treks and expeditions, various national parks for wildlife lovers and also some of the most challenging rivers running wild, waiting for rafters and kayakers to be explored, not only to give an experience but also to fulfill your dream of pure White water Adventure. Following are the exciting and thrilling natural river for rafting in Nepal:

Trihuli River Rafting (Central Nepal)

This river rises from Mt. Langtang and is suitable for everybody. A class of its own where you will encounter around 20 rapids of 2-3 (+) grade. Beautiful landscapes surrounded by full of nature and following the national highway. After the trip, you can continue your journey to the Chitwan National Parks for wild life or to Pokhara for beautiful lakes & various Mt. views.

Kali Gandaki River Rafting (Western Nepal)

The river named after the goddess ‘Kali’, rises from Mustang, close to Tibet. It is one of the best short white water rafting trips where you find around 35 rapids with 1-4 grade. During rafting & kayaking trips you will pass through the villages, remote areas & the world’s deepest Gorge. Being one of the holiest river you we will pass through the cremation sites also. The exciting white water sections, and camping out at the untouched natural white sand beach makes your trip super. Recommended for rafters and Kayakers with limited experience.

Bhote Koshi River Rafting (Eastern Nepal)

The main source of Bhote Koshi is Tibet and it starts from nearTibetan border, Kodari through Aranikoo Highway. This beautiful mountain river offers one of  the steepest and most challenging river rafting and Kayaking trips. Speecially recommended for advance rafters and Kayakers.

Sun Koshi River Rafting (Eastern Nepal)

Also known as river of gold. Sun Koshi is one of the classic river in th world. It rises from Tibet &Mt. Everest region, it has a mixture of small and big warm water , surges from 270 km passing through the jungle, remote areas and unspoiled beautiful campsites. A classic multi-day trip with around 40 rapids grade 2-5 will make you trip fantastics.Recommended for advance rafters.

Marsyangdi River Rafting (Western Nepal)

The Marsyangdi River rises from the northern slope of Annapurna himal and Tilicho Lake, which flows through the Manang valley. This is one of the most outstanding grade 4-5(+) rivers and has been described as one of the best in the world; it contains 35-40 big rapids, continuosly exhilating white water with magnificent mountain at backdrop. Specially recommended for advance rafters.