Shopping in Nepal is a popular activity to buy traditional clothing and thangkas. There are a lot of places for shopping in Nepal. However, some of the popular places for shopping in Kathmandu are Thamel, Durbar marg, places around Durbar Squares, New road, Bhotahity etc. Also, Shopping in Pokhara is equally important to get souvenirs and handicrafts. The Nepali handmade products are available in the major tourist destinations of Nepal. 

Find out the best places for your shopping in Nepal.

Nepal has huge cabin industries having clothing materials, wood crafts, metal works and jewellery. Secondary items include sculptures, tea, incense, spices, dolls, puppets and trekking clothing. Artistic works of silver stone and metal, and gold trinkets, and incredible wood carvings are easily available. The famous Gurkha knife or Khukuri, pashmina, carpets, jewellery, masks, prayer wheels, stone carvings, singing bowls Thangkas and pauls, etc. Many materials found in Nepal carry religious significance. Also, some necessary items are also available in shopping malls, online stores, and retail shops. 

Shopping in Kathmandu 

Kathmandu is customer’s heaven, especially for those who appreciate high-quality artisanal goods at an unbelievable value. Kathmandu’s major tourist area and popular marketplace, Thamel, is a shopping Mecca for tourists with tiny shops, hotels and lodges followed at every step. Thamel is the most reliable place to buy trekking gears. Thamel is also familiar among the locals for non-designer clothes that are comfortable and stimulated by the radical culture. Tourist generally buys Pashmina Shawls, Thangka (a rare painting), Khukuris (a Nepalese knife), silver wears etc. Puppets make a good gift for children and crafted in Bhaktapur as well as other centres. They are usually of multi-armed idols holding little wooden weapons in each hand. The puppet heads may be made of easily broken clay or more durable paper mâché.

shopping in nepal

Jawalakhel is the best selection of thick, colourful and hand-knotted, Tibetan-style wool carpets head to the Tibetan refugee workshops in Jawalakhel in southern Patan. Patan is also known as the very best place to buy Buddhist sculpture, and the backstreets are filled with metal workshops. The Kupondole hill leading to neighbouring Patan is a hub for fair-trade design shops, including the best Mahaguthi exit. Nearby the central Kathmandu, there is one Tree Stop on Durbar Marg, a tiny shop which anyway allows an ever-changing selection of unique crafts made by local artisans and designers. You’ll get the best choice of Tibetan prayer flags, brocade and embroidery silks at shops around the Kathesimbhu stupa which lies just south of Thamel.

Shopping in Bhaktapur 

Bhaktapur is noted for its pottery, which is sold in a huge number of souvenir shops around the main squares, particularly at Tachupal Tole and Taumadhi Tole. It also has some good lookout for beaten metal dishes embossed with Buddhist symbols and ornate brass butter lamps in the shape of the Krishna Temple around Patan’s Durbar Square. Bhaktapur produces handmade paper from the pulp of the Lokta (daphne) bush, notepads, photo albums, over town as cards envelopes.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square Shopping

The city has long been famous for its woodcarving, and this craft is now used to make objects that match well into Western homes. Bhaktapur could be the best places for handicraft shopping in Nepal. The best work is sold from the stalls around Tachupal Tole and the alley beside the Pujari Math. In Bhaktapur, The Miniature models of the famous Peacock Window are always popular souvenirs. Also, the pottery Square in Bhaktapur is popular to see the traditional Pottery making techniques. People can even buy pottery products. The handicrafts are also available in Bhaktapur. 

Shopping in Pokhara

Pokhara is the second-largest city in a major tourist destination. Pokhara is popular as the tourism capital of Nepal, though Pokhara mainly stands as the gateway to the Himalayas. The gorgeous handicraft things which many from jewellery to many other types of souvenirs. Pokhara is popular for its Tibetan rugs. Lalupate marga, lakeside is very popular for silver pieces of jewellery. Rings, Bracelets, and earrings of different style alternating from modern, traditional and classic. There are many shops which provide the gears needed for trekking. The fair mount is one of the shops and it provides all the necessary contrivances needed for trekking.

Many tourists buy Bags, Himalayan tea, shawls, singing bowls and many more in Pokhara. This shop is a perfect place to pick a  Tibetan gift. Yak wool handicraft has made by women working under the women skill development project. They sell handicrafts made by Nepalese women like shawls, sweaters, bags, dolls and some more gift things. Alpine trekking equipment is another trekking gear store. Moreover, a variety of trekking equipment for sale, rental and exchange. New Road, Putali Sadak, Kumaripati, Bhatbhateni, Lazimpat, Sundhara, Tripureshwor, Lagankhel and Jawalakhel are the major in Pokhara. 

Get the souvenirs, Handicrafts, and unique Nepali products in Nepal

Tibetan mini-market is famous for Tibetan crafts, create a tour of the refugee camps, and grab a plate of steaming hot Momos. The famous Thangka, also said “Thangka”. We can observe craft paper or cloth and are easy to collect and carry home. Thangka paintings are a standard Tibetan art form. Many actually made by refugees and shipped to Nepal. There are also a lot of Kashmiris, who have relocated to Pokhara.

The Kashmiri shops have some beautifully crafted paper-mâché and some exquisite Book shop also includes all the maps and travel guides and magazines you need to travel around. You can easily locate a map or a guide. You can roam around the city and take a look around the major attractions of Pokhara. This place is also a gift shop and many souvenirs for tourists. There are many various subjects on which books are available and you can buy them at discounted rates.

Besides this, there are so many places suitable for shopping activities in Nepal.