Nepal B2B holiday Deals

Nepal B2B Holiday Deals

Hello Everyone! Are you dealing Nepal holiday packages? And looking for a best Nepal B2B holiday deals from a trustable tour agent in Nepal? We (Holidays to Nepal Pvt. Ltd.), a Nepal’s government authorized tour agents, would like to introduce ourself as your final solution for the above search. We would like to ensure you […]


Festivals in Nepal

Nepal is a secular country form past few years, but the majority of the population here follows the Hindu religion besides this Buddhist, Muslim, Christian religions are followed most. The majority of the people follows Hinduism, Buddhism thus, much of the Hindu and Buddhist festivals are followed here. Also government separates the public holidays on […]

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Some unexplored tourist attractions in Nepal

Nepal is a culturally, anciently an naturally beautiful country. Number of popular tourist attractions in Nepal are in vain due to the advertisement, marketing and rode access. Here we are talking about few of them. ILLAM Illam is one of the important town in Mechi zone and one of the major place in Nepal for […]

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Basic information about Nepal for Tourist

Nepal travel guide provides you about the basic tourist guideline and Nepal travel information, which might be a helpful travel information for your trip. Nepal is located in the southern part of Asia, lies between India in the east, west, south and China in the north. Over 50 ethnic groups and more than 120 languages […]

Bandipur village

Bandipur Village Nepal | Queen of the hills

Bandipur village is a living museum of Newari culture, a beautifully preserved village crowning a lofty ridge above the highway stop of Dumre the mid stop of Prithvi highway. Which connects Kathmandu and Pokhara. Lying on the hills, this place gives the majestic view of the traditionally well preserved ancient cultural houses. You can enjoy […]

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Major Attractions of Mustang Nepal

 Several attractions of Mustang Nepal are awaiting your visit to this beautiful and mysterious land. Mustang which lies in the north-west part of Nepal, is 360 KM far from the capital city, Kathmandu. Annapurna and Niligiri mountain range is extended across the northern part of Mustang. Mustang is also in two parts; Upper Mustang and […]