One can get multiple choices of things to do in Chitwan national park of Nepal. Chitwan national park is the first protected area of Nepal. Which was founded in 1959 in the name of the Mahendra Deer Park. Now the parks cover 932 Sq Km of the inner Terai of Chitwan, Makawanpur, Parsa and Nawalparasi districts. UNESCO has listed as a World Heritage Site in 1984 for its unique biological resources of outstanding universal value. The park is bounded by the Rapti and Narayani River in the north, Parsa Wildlife Reserve in the east and Madi settlements and India border in the south.

Jungle safari is the most popular things to do in Chitwan National Park.

Chitwan national park offers several wildlife activities and things to do for its visitors. It has become one of the major tourist destinations among the foreign visitors. Here is the details list of things to do in Chitwan national park for you:

Elephant Back Safari

Elephant back safari is the oldest and one of the popular things do in Chitwan national park for its visitors. It is an easy way to explore jungles, animals, flora and fauna and their wildlife. One horned Rhino, Bengal tiger, Deer, Leopards are the major animals which people used to see during the jungle safari. An Elephant carries 4 people on its back during the jungle safari in Chitwan.

Elephant back Safari in Chitwan National Park

Tharu Village Tour

Village tour is another attraction during your visit at the Chitwan national park. During the tour people visits the village of Tharu communities of Chitwan. Tharu are the native people of Chitwan. People can observe their lifestyle, culture, foods and customs as well as Tharu museum. A local Tharu guide will guide you the whole trip.

Tharu Village Tour At Chitwan

Elephant Breeding Center

The Elephant breeding center was established in 1985 at Chitwan national park. The aim to open this center is for the captive breeding of domesticated elephant trapping for domestication. Now it has become a major place for visitors to explore about Elephants and their lifestyle.

Elephant Breeding Center in Chitwan National Park

Cannoe Ride

Early in the morning you will go for a 1 hour canoe ride in the Rapti river when crocodiles are taking sun-bath at the river bank. Canoe ride will take you close to crocodiles and other wild animals. Canoe ride also offers you the chance to quietly observe the exotic species of birds and animal that come to sip at the water’s edge.

cannoe ride at chitwan national park, cannoe ride in chitwan national park

Crocodile Breeding Center

Similar to the Elephant breeding center, there is also a Crocodile Breeding Center in Kasara, inside the Chitwan national park. This breeding center is conserving endangered genetic crocodiles known as Gharials or Mugars, where eggs are hatched, brought up, and released into rivers.

crocodile breeding in chitwan national park

Elephant Bath

People also take the bath with the elephants in Chitwan national park. Elephants like to play with humans. It helps to develop the bond between human and animals. People can take photos and dive in the river with the elephants.

Tharu Cultural Program

An entertaining 2 hours Tharu cultural program will teach you about their way of framing, tradition and festival celebration. They also perform stick dance, fire dance and peacock dance.

Tharu Cultural Dance in Chitwan

Jeep Safari

These days people prefer Jeep safari rather than Elephant back safari. Jeep safari gives you a ride through the National park about 4 hours drive. As similar to the Elephant safari, during the jeep safari people can explore the Jungles, Flora and Fauna, Various animals and scenic views.

Jeep Safari in Chitwan National Park


Several museums are the attractions for your interest around the Chitwan national park. The museum at Kasara, Tharu museums of Sauraha and National Park information center are the major knowledgeable resources for you.  

Tharu Museum At Chitwan


Cycling is one of the available adventure activity which people can do during their visit to Chitwan national park. A full day cycling from Sauraha to Bis Hajari Taal will take you through the Tharu village and community forest. Bis Hajari Taal is well known place for Birds.

Bird Watching

People can explore numerous species of resident and migrant birds at the time of bird watching in Chitwan National Park. A professional bird watching guide will guide you for this activity with available equipments. An early morning walk through the bush and along the Rapti river, is a must go to view many of the exotic birds, including the Giant Hornbill, Lesser Florican, King Fisher and Paradise Flycatcher.

Bird Watching in Chitwan National Park