Nepal is the country with many natural and cultural resources.  Due to diverse geographical and cultural, different people live here in a harmony. This makes the Nepal a most beautiful and peaceful country in the world. It is the homeland of the World’s highest Mountain i.e Mount Everest and the Birthplace of LORD GAUTAMA BUDDHA. Thus, to explore the the hidden and unbidden treasure and beautiful places of Nepal. One should visit the Nepal once in their life time.

Holiday to Nepal is the best holidays planner and trip planner for the various countries. We mainly target Nepal, as our name reflects more about this facts. Come to us for the guided tour and best trekking in Nepal at the affordable cost. 

Here are top reasons to book tour packages to Nepal

#To watch The High Peaks


Seven of the world’s highest peaks are situated within Nepal. All of the peaks reach over 20,000 ft. You get the chance to on the Top of the World to if you to the Everest Climbing. Or you may be go to the Everest Base Camp Trekking.  The Himalayas scenes that you see in Nepal will surely lure you. you may feel that you are going to stay by watching the Snow capped mountains. Come to Nepal if you really like about the trekking and mountaineering.

#Nepal is safe for visiting

Nepal is safe for visiting- reasons to book tour packages to Nepal

Country Nepal is known in the word as the peaceful country since the Preacher of Buddhist religion, Lord Gautama Buddha was born here. Nepal and Nepalese more due respect to the Guest as they are guided by the Slogan called “ATTHITI DEVO VAB”. This means that guest are more compared to the GOD.

You might have heard that the GIRL visitors in the countries like India, and many other African Countries Somalia, Ghana are being raped and murdered. But in case of Nepal you can really be sure that all the Girls visitors are safe.

#Religion and culture

#Religion and culture- reasons to book tour packages to Nepal

Hinduism and Buddhism are the main religion of Nepalese people. In Nepal festivals falls like in each day. It’s a ultimate destination of mysticism and exoticism city of golden pagodas and parasols. Also it is the land of living goddess – Kumari.

Come to Nepal if you want to have the cultural and religious taste.

#For adventure experience

#For adventure experience

Come to Nepal if you want to experience the Thrilling adventure like rafting down in fast flowing rivers, jungle safari in lush green forest, bungee jumping, bungee swing, paragliding, ultra-light flights, zip flyer, rock climbing and canyoning. This will surely entertain you.

#For Cuisine and handicraft

Cuisine and handicraft-reasons to book tour packages to Nepal

In Nepal you will able to get the unique and stunning cuisines and handicrafts as the Nepalese people are influenced by culture and their own tradition. Some of them are pieces of Nepalese handicrafts are Pasmina, Thanka, Hemp, and cotton bags.

#The Wildlife

The Wildlife

Nepal is one of the leading destinations in South Asia for wildlife Safaris. Many wildlife experts come to Nepal for tours and research. National Parks like Chitwan and Langtang are famous all over the world. You can go for an elephant ride, boat ride, or jungle safari. 

#Money will not be wasted

Nepal is surprisingly affordable and cheap. You will have the better taste of many things like trekking, hiking, adventurous activities, cultural and religious practice. You will not feel regret after visiting Nepal.

Do you feel that still you are confused reasons to book tour packages to Nepal?? Never feel so because Nepal is the ultimate destination for the natural and mountain lover. Nepal is the paradise of all the things.

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