It is always a matter of concern for travelers to know what kind of food they will get in the country they are traveling. Food and health are the major concern for any trips. As Nepal is a landlocked country surrounded by India and China, you can get the major influence of those countries in the food and cuisines of Nepal. The perfect blend of spices, the well combination of herbs takes the food to the next level. If you are roaming around the city, you will get to eat different cuisines from all over the world. You will get Continental food, Indian food, Chinese food and so on.

The major food of Nepal is Dal, Bhat and tarkari (rice, lentils and curry). People consume that food as Lunch and Dinner. If you want to try a different taste you can go for Dhido which is the national food of Nepal. You will get to eat streets food like momo (Dumplings), which is a very popular dish among the Nepalese community. If you are planning to try local cuisines, one should not forget Newari food, Thakali khana and other cuisines according to different regions of Nepal. You will also get to drink local handmade alcohols which we term as Rakshi or you can try Tongba, chhyang. You will also get to taste the Nepali popular Dada Ghare wine.

Health Problems and services

As a traveler, one should be ready to face with different difficulties that come during travelling. Moreover one has to face health related problems. As people choose to go for trekking in the upper regions, the major problem there is high altitude sickness and Loo. They should drink enough of warm water and should cover themselves up with warm clothes. Upper regions have low oxygen so one should check their health before visiting those places.

If you are here in summer, major health problems like nose bleeding, sun tan, dehydration can occur. You should drink enough water to keep your body moist. You should always wear a light jacket to keep yourself protected. As there will be a major problem of mosquito bite, one should not forget anti mosquito repellent. One should also keep an oral dehydration powder in case of dehydration. You should keep your body moist and loaded with fluid. If you are around the lower regions, one should also be prepared to face the snake bites.

If you are travelling around villages and incase you get sick, you can treat in nearby health posts or get in contact with the health assistants there. They will guide you. And about city, you will have a proper health facility because we have hospitals, clinics and medical halls in case if you get any health related problems. You might get allergic or sick because of the local drinking water, so carrying your own mineral water is considered a good choice to stay healthy

Keeping a first aid box can worth a thousand help if you are travelling. Be safe, be healthy, you’ll enjoy travelling more !!