Visiting Nepal and not knowing about the Nepal weather conditions is one of the major problems faced by the tourists. However though Nepal is a country with mild temperature, it has a typical monsoon two- season a year. If you know basic things about Nepal weather conditions that will help you for a good trip to Nepal. The dry season starts from October and lasts till May and the wet season, the monsoon starts from June till September. However as Nepal is divided into three regions; Himalayan region, hilly region and Terai (plain low lands) region, the weather differs according to places.

As like other countries, the basic seasons here are summer, Monsoon and winter. Summer here starts from May and lasts till early June. The mountain region and hilly region have a mild summer whereas the temperature of Terai increases up to 30 degree Celsius.

The rainy season here starts from June and lasts till September. The country receives rainfall all over the country but it differs according to places. The central region of Nepal receives 400 cm rainfall whereas the eastern part receives 200 cm rainfall and the Himalayan part receives the lowest rainfall in amount of 50 cm. The Climate of Nepal at this time is influenced by latitude, prevailing winds, oceanic distance and position of mountains.

March to May and September to November is the best time to visit in Nepal.

Taking about winter season, the climate differs according to the different regions. Hilly region is less cold compared to other two regions. The temperature of Terai falls down up to 15 degree Celsius whereas the Himalayan region falls down to freeing point.

You can visit Nepal at any time of the year. But the best time you can come here is around September till December. The weather here is pleasant and people from any countries can adjust here.

It is always a matter of concern on what type of cloths one should bring while visiting Nepal. It basically depends on which season one is about to visit Nepal. If you visit here between April to September, one should be prepared to face with the rainfalls and scorching sun. Cotton cloths, light pants, jackets, raincoats, umbrella, shorts, half t-shirts are considered the best wears. One should not forget to bring rain boots as there will be rain in major parts of the country.

October to March is basically the coldest time of the year. If people are planning to visit here at this time of the year, one should be loaded with warm cloths. Warm jackets, scarves, boots, warm leggings, shoes, gloves, caps and sweaters is a must wear. If you are preparing to visit Himalayan regions or go for a trek at this time, you’ll have to face with extreme cold temperature. So be prepared with warm cloths, thermal jackets and other materials that keep you warm.

Nepal is an amazing country. You can visit here at any point. The Nepal weather conditions, though differs from region to region, you can surely enjoy your stay here without any difficulties. Happy visiting.