Looking for a better winter holiday in Nepal? Winter season is one of the perfect time to visit in Nepal. You will get the ultimate experience of snow falls in Nepal, camping and adventure trekking. During early November and early December the weather is highly pleasant, so are the mountain views. This is the peak season for trekking as mountain views are guaranteed. This is also the season of festivities as Nepal celebrates the biggest Hindu festivals. And during mid December to February the weather is cool and the sky is clear with occasional snowfalls at higher elevations. This season is good for trekking in lower elevations. The morning and night is cold and the days are warm when sunny.

Here are some of the activities that can be carried out during winter holiday in Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal

As the weather is cool and the sky is clear with occasional snowfalls at higher elevations. Trekkers can carry out their trekking in lower elevations with pleasant view of snow capped mountains and clear blue sky. During your winter holiday in Nepal you can enjoy the best ever snowfall in the mountain region.


Camping and Night Outs in Nepal

Winter season can be a really good time for a camping and night out. To stay outdoors with a campfire, music and friends can be good memorable fall experience. There are so many popular camping places around Kathmandu valley. camping

Snowfall Experience in Nepal

Winter Mountains are full of snow and snowfall frequently occurs at lower elevation and hilly areas. One can enjoy the snowball fight, build a snowman and Catch snowflakes on your tongue.


Paragliding in Nepal

Discover the breathtaking scenery of beautiful mountain range in the world, from a bird’s eye perspective. When 8 out of 10 World’s highest peaks are covered over with a thick layer of snow. It’s time to paraglide up to the lofty heights for a better look. Pokhara is the popular place for Paragliding in Nepal.


Hiking in Nepal

Winter hiking can be fun and beautiful. It is winters that you get to walk through a field covered with dew drops that look like tiny sparkling crystal and the unforgettable cold breeze. The views are even spectacular with crepuscular rays raining down through the small breaks in the cloud, cloaking the sky with brilliant colors. Here we have also written a blog about some popular hiking routes around Kathmandu valley

Spicy foods and Local clothes

Exploring the Nepalese way of eating during the winter as people prefer spicy foods in their daily life. Also during winter one can observe the traditional clothes that are hand made up of local animals to escape the cold. You might also interest about 10 must try foods in Nepal, click on given link. food

Local exhibition and Street Festivals

Winter is the prime time when most of the country’s rural and urban parts are organized and celebrating festivals, so, one can get a good opportunity to explore the rural Nepalese culture, tradition and the way of living.